What is the best equipment’s used in Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)?

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A sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is a facility that treats wastewater from domestic, commercial, and industrial sources and converts it into an effluent that can be safely discharged into the environment. The STP requires several pieces of equipment to perform the various treatment processes involved.

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) equipments:

Bar Screens:

The first step in a sewage treatment plant (STP) is to remove large objects such as rags, plastics, and other debris that can cause damage to downstream equipment. Before entering the treatment process, bar screens will remove big particles

Grit Chambers:

After the initial screening process, grit chambers will be used to remove small particles such as sand and gravel that can cause wear and tear on equipment. The grit chambers allow the heavier particles to settle at the bottom, which is then removed by a scraper mechanism.

Primary Clarifiers:

The wastewater then flows to the primary clarifiers where solids such as human waste, food scraps, and paper settle at the bottom of the tank. The primary clarifiers use the principle of gravity to separate the solids from the liquid.

Aeration Tanks:

The wastewater mixes with air in the aeration tanks, which gives the microorganisms that degrade organic matter and other pollutants oxygen to grow. The aeration tanks also help to keep the suspended solids in suspension.

Secondary Clarifiers:

The secondary clarifiers remove any remaining solids once the aeration tanks have finished treating the wastewater. The secondary clarifiers use the same gravity principle as primary clarifiers to settle the solids at the bottom of the tank.

Disinfection Units:

The final step in the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) process is disinfection, which involves killing harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Disinfection units use chemicals such as chlorine or ultraviolet light to destroy these microorganisms.

Sludge Treatment:

During the wastewater treatment process, solids removed from the wastewater accumulate and form a sludge. This sludge requires further treatment, which can involve thickening, dewatering, and drying.


In conclusion, a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) requires a combination of mechanical, chemical, and biological treatment processes, each of which relies on specific equipment. the equipment used in STP plays a critical role in ensuring that the wastewater will treated to the required standards and is safe for discharge into the environment.

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